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Sailing Along the Beach of Montreaux

By Uri, September 5, 2017

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On a cloudy day in Montreaux a small sailing boat, one of many, can be seen from the Montreaux beach promenade. Slowly it makes its way. At first it closely parallels the shoreline. It appears to get closer to a large, robust sculpture, part of the lake short public art, then it crosses behind the sculpture and sails on.


As it goes further it can seen passing by a short dock. At the moment its empty. No boats, no people. The phone box, the standard Swiss design, also stands empty.

Now it appears the follow the cloud-line rather than the shore-line, as it slowly changes course away from us.

As it sails further away, and disappears behind the shoulder of another sculpture, a classically inspired statue, bids it farewell.